Mentholatum wanted to refresh the Softlips website to show their streamlined product range and inform users where to find products in stores.

To cater to the brand's loyal following and expand brand recognition, our graphic design team refined the brand style by incorporating a color palette that would better translate to digital applications and web viewing, reviving items that are outdated while keeping the established baseline of the brand alive.

Our web design team toggled the new navigation bar so it could be collapsed behind a simply designed button. This cleaned up the navigation design and put more focus on the custom banner images and product showcase on the homepage. A new widget feature was also added to the homepage to pull in posts from the brand's Instagram profile with an option to follow directly through the page. Retailer icons were added to the homepage as well, with a separate Find Us page linking to an online store as a secondary way to purchase the products. For the product page, a rollover feature was used to make the website more dynamic and responsive, which helped display the multiple flavors on one page.