Rohto Jolt

Mentholatum introduced a new product to the Rohto eye drop brand called Rohto® Jolt, which is a new and improved medicinal eye drop that cools and refreshes dry eyes. Targeting long-haul truckers, rideshare drivers and even NASCAR fans, we launched a multi-part campaign to increase brand awareness and establish their online presence.

First, we performed audience research that indicated the trucker community responds well to humor and lighter content. With this research in mind, our creative team developed concepts for a three-part video series following a typical truck driver through his daily activities, of course with some hilarious hijinks sprinkled in from a disgruntled roadkill survivor support group. The Rohto Jolt website was updated with campaign graphics that incorporated the roadkill critters from the video series, along with copy that used the critter brand mascots to explain product usage and benefits.

The videos were promoted on the brand's Facebook page and received over 110,800 impressions, with over 36,400 people viewing more than 50% of the video. We saw significant engagement from the trucker community, which was an audience we hadn't previously targeted or established a presence with before the campaign.