As a leading manufacturer of high-quality heating and cooling process temperature control systems, Mokon focuses on reaching engineers and procurement professionals across several industries. Our marketing objective was to increase web leads by 10 percent.

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Quinlan developed an integrated marketing program that included paid search, industry-specific digital media, programmatic digital ads and select traditional placements. We designed the plan to promote industry-specific content and valuable information such as videos and whitepapers to drive interaction with Mokon's brand.

In addition, ad campaigns were set up using real-time bidding to bring engineers and buying agents to Mokon's website to learn about specific product categories. Quinlan also launched a retargeting campaign to capture users who had already visited the site to encourage them to come back and request a product quote.

At year-end, Mokon's sales resulting directly from a web lead were up over 30 percent from the previous year. The company's overall sales benefited, as well.