Softlips released a limited-edition Easter package of Hello Kitty lip balm to Target stores. Unlike other lip balms, this product was featured in Target's seasonal section, instead of the front end or cough and cold section. Quinlan was tasked with taking a limited budget and developing a two-week campaign to drive as many unit sales as possible.

We developed a social program using Facebook and Instagram to reach Softlips' primary shopper, females 13 to 17 years old. Knowing that the Hello Kitty brand has such a passionate following, we also targeted fans of Hello Kitty. Given that this limited-edition package was a perfect Easter basket filler, we layered in some messages to parents of children 6 to 12 years old. In addition to using social ads, we also used Instagram stories to build excitement and a sense of urgency with Softlips' followers.

The campaign received almost 400,000 impressions and over 56,000 post engagements driving shoppers to purchase the product. In barely two weeks, the Softlips Hello Kitty Easter pack sold out across all Target stores.