Our client Mentholatum wanted to show their audience, primarily teenage girls 13 to 17 years old, that their Softlips product was coming back in a big way. Knowing that some of Softlips' largest competitors were outspending them with mass media, we took to what we do best and developed a highly-targeted social media campaign to increase awareness and brand engagement among teenage girls.


With the recent craze of large round lip balms, especially Softlips' chief competitor, we saw an opportunity to use messaging that would highlight the inconvenience of these bulky products versus the portable Softlips Slim Stick. The Rump Lumps campaign used humor to show girls that the Slim Stick was much more convenient for their everyday lifestyles, as it can easily fit in a pocket or small clutch.

In just a few months, the Rump Lumps campaign garnered over 964,000 impressions on social media and over 245,000 people engaged with the ads. Additionally, several followers commented on the humorous ads and shared them with their own networks.