Rohto Jolt

Branching from Mentholatum's Rohto eye drops, Rohto® Jolt is a new and improved medicinal eye drop that cools and energizes dry eyes. The eye drops have launched across the U.S. online and in select retailers, including GameStop. Unlike other Rohto eye drops, our client is focused on bringing their product line beyond the typical drugstore distribution and into new, alternative channels — making it part of one's everyday lifestyle.

As part of several programs to launch Rohto® Jolt to alternative audiences, we developed a quick turn-around digital program to introduce Rohto® Jolt to the cannabis community. After reviewing several digital and traditional opportunities, we moved forward with a program that capitalized on the weekend of 4/20 and the 420 Wellness Tour presented by Merry Jane and Snoop Dogg, a major event within the cannabis community. As the leading publication within this space, we partnered with Merry Jane for a takeover of their homepage, along with display and email advertising, social media and development of editorial content to include lifestyle photography of Rohto® Jolt eye drops being used. Additionally, Rohto® Jolt eye drops were distributed in 1,000 420 wellness kits sold online to fans and festival goers.

The Merry Jane campaign generated over 480,000 impressions and the editorial reached over 7,800 readers who spent an average time of over 4 minutes reading the article. The campaign also increased traffic to Rohto® Jolt's website by over 500% compared to an average day, making Rohto® Jolt eye drops the top-selling product on Mentholatum's online store.