Uncle Bob’s Self Storage SEO-Driven Content

Self storage is not something people run out and buy every day. Our client Uncle Bob’s Self Storage knew that in order to be top of mind when a need for storage arises, they needed to be at the top of the search results. In response, Quinlan developed a content marketing strategy to increase audience reach, drive continuous traffic to their website and ultimately sell more storage units.

We created several robust content pieces which included custom photography, video and infographics – all designed around topics that would help Uncle Bob’s to rank in search. These posts brought potential new customers to Uncle Bob’s brand, which lead to increased social engagement and web traffic. The content also delivered on the end goal of getting people to sign up to reserve storage space, and some of the most popular pieces continue to drive new traffic to the site.

As part of a larger inbound marketing and SEO strategy, the blog helps fuel organic and paid content promotion campaigns, social media platforms and lead-generation initiatives for one of the top five self-storage firms in the U.S.