Give The People What They Want

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To gain interest in your brand, you have to go where your customers are. These days, consumers are all over the social media market, presenting infinite possibilities for promoting your brand and connecting with them. But before you go diving head first into the social media world, it’s important to understand what your customers want from you. Do they want interesting information? Conversations? Contests? Free stuff? Here are the three main things customers expect from social media marketers:

1. Exclusivity. According to Wildfire Interactive, 67% of consumers expect to be eligible for exclusive offers when they become a fan of a brand, while 57% expect to find games, contests, and other unique experiences. Consumers want to feel like they’re getting something online that they can’t get anywhere else. They want to know that engaging with a brand through social media entitles them to something special.

2. Interaction. That same study by Wildfire Interactive says that 60% of consumers expect to interact with other customers and share their experiences. When consumers find a brand that they like, or one that they don’t, they want to spread the word and tell others what they think it. They also want to swap information and opinions with other consumers and learn about that brand from their peers.

3. Engagement. Consumers, above all, want to have a mutually beneficial relationship with a brand that allows them to interact with other consumers and the brand itself. They want to know that their voice is being heard and that the feedback they’re giving is doing something to help, and that the brand wants to help them in return.

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