How to Find the Right Marketing Tactic

abstract representation of how to find the right marketing tactic

Finding the right marketing tactic for your business can be a challenge. Whether your goal is to boost brand awareness, increase engagement, or drive traffic and sales to your website, there are multiple marketing tactics to choose from. Here is a quick list to help you find the right strategy for you and your business.

Email Automation

When to use: If you’re looking to build customer relationships and engage with a targeted audience. 

Email automation involves strategically sending content to consumers based on a set of predetermined rules. Based on the actions that consumers take online, personalized and targeted emails will be automatically sent to their inbox. Online automation software such as MailChimp or Drip make it easy to develop emails ahead of time and set up the rules for deployment. This can be a really powerful and effective strategy. In fact, 72% of customers only respond to marketing messages that target their interests specifically. 

Retargeting Campaigns

When to use: If you’re looking to keep consumers engaged with your brand and promote future sales. 

One of the best ways to stay engaged with consumers is to retarget those who have already visited your website. To do this, you can set up triggers on specific web pages that automatically send an advertisement after consumers visit to keep your brand top of mind. For example, if you want to retarget consumers who have recently visited your product page, you can set up an automated ad that will encourage them to come back after they leave without purchasing. The goal of retargeting is to help re-engage consumers and drive them further down the sales funnel. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

When to use: If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website. 

PPC is a form of paid digital marketing in which you only pay when someone clicks the advertisement. In other words, this is a way of only paying for the people visiting your website, rather than recruiting visits organically. This is a popular strategy, as 45% of small businesses are using paid ads. When executed correctly, PPC can generate quality leads. 

Influencer Marketing

When to use: If you’re working to raise brand or product awareness, as well as driving traffic to your website or social media pages. 

Influencers are prominent social media figures with large followings who endorse products or services. Influencer marketing involves collaborating with these public figures to spread the word about your brand. Because influencers are marketing directly to their audience, it’s important that your brand’s audience aligns with theirs to ensure you’re targeting the right people. You don’t need to book a major celebrity to utilize influencer marketing. Smaller, local figures can still have a big impact on driving traffic to your website and boosting brand awareness. 

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