Think Before You Post

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Social media spreads your words everywhere… whether you like it or not.

Among larger U.S. companies, 17% have disciplined an employee for violating blog, social media, or message board policies. And this statistic continues to grow.

Social media is an extremely beneficial way to network and market your brand, but when used for recreation, it’s also a way for people to learn a lot about YOU, on a personal level. With the advances in today’s technology, there are countless ways to search keywords and find people – this means finding out what you’re doing and saying on social networking sites. This can be a huge advantage, but it can also come back to haunt you.

Before you start complaining about your job, your fellow employees, your company’s policies, or even worse, your boss, stop and think about what you’re doing! Social media is just that…SOCIAL. The entire world could potentially see what you post. From a marketing standpoint, this is great news! But for someone who isn’t educated on the effects of social media, it can be harmful to your reputation, and may even cost you your job.

In the case of personal social media use, always think of your mother’s advice: “Think before you speak” – except in this case, it’s “Think before you post!”

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