Expand Your Stories: The Importance of Blogging

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Everyday we hear about new social media platforms, each with its own specific function and use. With each new platform, older forms of social media have a tendency to fade away. (Remember MySpace? AIM?)

With all the changes in the social media landscape, one platform has stayed consistent: blogs.

Blogs are a form of self-expression that allow for information to be distributed to a large audience, much like all other social media channels. The difference is the way that information is being expressed. Blogs, unlike other platforms, can afford specifics. While you may hear about a new product or event on Twitter, you learn about it through a blog. Blogs are where users go when they want specific and detailed information.

Blogs can also serve as a sort of home base for social media. Unlike other platforms where character limits and photo captions don’t leave much room for other content, blogs can include links to other relevant sites and information. The blog acts as a curator of social media, grouping all forms of content in one place.

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