The Life of an Intern #3

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An “intern-view” with Sarah Miller, one of Quinlan’s five new interns.

What school do you go to and what year are you?
I go to the University at Buffalo and I am going into my Senior year.

What is your major and what made you pursue that path?
My major is Communication with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations.  I took a few Public Communication courses at Buffalo State college which interested me in taking a path towards Advertising. I love to put together creative ideas in order to promote something. Majoring in Communication is also letting me explore the large variety of career paths I could take with this specific major.
How did you find out about Quinlan & Company?
My father, Gary Miller, is the President and CEO of Quinlan & Company.
What department are you interning with and who is your boss?
I am interning in the creative department with my boss Sammi Griffith, who is the Copywriter and Social Media Strategist.

What is your favorite experience so far?
So far my favorite experiences have been proof reading documents and ads and also blog posting on the Quinlan & Company WordPress blog

What made you interested in the agency setting?
After taking Advertising courses at the University at Buffalo, I became very interested in learning what goes on in an Advertising Agency and how everything works.

What do you hope to learn in the future while working at Quinlan?
I hope to learn more about the  skills needed to work in an Advertising company, specifically Quinlan & Company.  I also hope to learn how to put my creativity to use within the company.

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