Staying Tradtional

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Staying Traditional

Here at Quinlan and Company, we embrace change. We realize that methods of communication are constantly evolving and changing, shaping the way we get our message across. However, in our eyes traditional media is still a very valuable and convenient way to talk to our audiences.

Television/radio—young or old, television and radio captures the attention of all ages which makes it very easy to target who you are trying to gain the attention of. Although DVR and Satellite radio do pose problems to advertisers, there are still plenty of loyal watchers and listeners who keep these mediums alive.

Magazine/Newspaper ads—Digital pages of the latest e-readers and tablets don’t stand a chance to the feel of a crisp, printed ad on a page. Besides being an extremely easy way to target readers, magazines and newspapers sales are actually still strong despite what naysayers try to tell you.

Billboards—sure they symbolize the industrialization and crowdedness of our society, but they are extremely convenient to advertisers. On top of that, they have a tremendous amount of eyes glued to them. Advertisers are even taking billboards to the next level by making them an interactive experience that passerby’s can interact with.

While advertising seems to be taking great leaps forward with exciting innovations, remaining loyal to traditional advertising can still bring success. Let us know if and why traditional advertising mediums are still important to you!

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