Sites vs. Experiences

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As a young college student and consumer who grew up on Internet and cable television, it takes something really interesting and very relatable to catch my eye. With the little experience I do have with brand marketing and advertising, I do realize that not every brand has caught up to my generation’s standards for how they should market to us.

On the other hand, there are some who have seemed to master it. Here are a few of my favorite brands, and why:

• Real Housewives of New Jersey. The only thing that could make Bravo TV’s hit wonder better is the chance to talk about it with thousands of other fans online —and the fact that you have to “like” RHONJ’s Facebook page to have a chance to participate in exclusive webcasts makes it almost like a club. Members only!

• Starbucks. It wasn’t until my principles to integrated marketing class that I realized how great Starbucks’ Facebook page was. Starbucks’ Facebook aims to make life easier for the everyday coffee drinker. With the option to reload your Starbucks card online or find where the closest Starbucks is, it’s all about convenience.  They have basically combined their website with their Facebook page to create one of the best integrated sites I’ve seen! 

• Ann Taylor Loft. No purchase necessary, no trying on clothes, just a free and very appealing offer. That’s how one of my favorite retailers caught my eye! The chance to win products is always exciting to me, but I’m apt to click the “like” button if I’m actually interested in who is offering the prize.

• Oreo. If anyone knows how to market a brand over Facebook, it’s Oreo – and I’m not only saying that because I would stuff my face with them if I had a chance! It’s purely because they have taken “social” to the next level. They offer the chance to be “Oreo’s World Fan of the Week,” display multiple recipes that contain Oreo’s, and they ask questions you would have never even thought about asking. They make Oreos an experience rather than just a brand. Over 20,000,000 people “like” them. Either they’re hypnotizing their customers with double-stuffed deliciousness, or they really know what they’re doing!

It takes a lot more than copying and pasting an entire website and putting it in Facebook format to make a successful brand page. It’s about being interactive with your audience, while giving them a slight touch of exclusivity. It’s about being fun and creating experiences. How would you keep consumers glued to your Facebook page?

If you have any other examples of brands “doing it right” on Facebook, leave them in a comment below!

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