SEO | Creating Content to Boost Search Engine Optimization

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Social media specialists, content builders, and “gurus” (please don’t call yourself a guru) are, for the most part, complete word nerds.

They know how to format a sentence in the proper structure based on who is reading it and where they are reading it from (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). But, do they know the right words to use? When it comes to readability, yes (or at least we hope so) – but what about getting the content picked up in search engines?

It’s so important to learn, know, and improve on writing for SEO – especially now that more companies are stepping into the social media world.

If you work in social media, or even if you’re just starting to have an interest for the field, now is the time to get educated on writing for the web!

Here are a few super simple ways to enhance your online presence:

• Use keywords, relevant links, and photo captions

• Focus on writing good headlines, including your main keywords

• Don’t “stuff” keywords. Using the same words too much is actually a turn-off for search engines

• Use other on-topic language. The more related content, the better.

Most importantly, remember that practice makes perfect! If you still need help understanding the basics, search for SEO webinars. There are plenty of useful, free resources to help you along.

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