Quinlan Teams with Uncle Bob’s to ‘Address Your Mess’

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It’s always a great success when teams are able to put their heads together to accomplish their goals. For the past six weeks, Quinlan has been hard at work developing and executing the Address Your Mess campaign for client Uncle Bob’s Self Storage.

Vice President of Operations Ryan DiMillo led the inbound concept and strategy for the campaign.

“In a world with too many choices and not enough time,” DiMillo says, “consumers pick and choose the content they want and then discard the rest. Address Your Mess is a rare low-budget, national, multimedia, mobile-optimized, conversion-focused, 100% inbound marketing campaign.”

The Address Your Mess campaign launched on May 5 and will be an ongoing effort until it wraps up on June 29. The eight-week contest encourages consumers to share their organizational needs—by showing us their mess.

To enter, you must submit a photo or video of a cluttered, messy room in your home or apartment. Contestants can share links to their friends and followers, and site visitors must then vote for the photo depicting the messiest room.

But what fun would this be without prizes?

Weekly Prizes: Each week, the entrant whose photo earns the most votes wins a $100 Amazon gift card, an Uncle Bob’s prize pack, and a spot in the Winner’s Circle. Once in the Winner’s Circle, you have a shot at the grand prize.

Grand Prize: Luxury! The grand prize winner will receive a 3-day, 2-night stay in the award-winning Mandarin Oriental, Miami. The winner will also receive two half-day spa treatments and a free session with a local professional organizer—to help address that mess and make a plan to defeat disorganization in the future.


The campaign, which has been an ongoing team effort, consists of several different tactics:

  • A newly built and designed website for Uncle Bob’s, built by Senior Web Developer Mike Petruniak and UI Developer Michael Belfatto
  • A video placed on the homepage, produced by Creative Director Frank Conjerti
  • Heavy promotion through paid social media platforms led by Ben Kirst, director of digital content. This also includes outreach to over 350 organizers, media outlets and bloggers throughout the country
  • An email campaign to build interest and engagement among participants led by Kirst and Brandon Stenzel, web & mobile UI designer.

“This contest is promoted exclusively through compelling blog content, social media, SEO, email marketing, and by referrals from happy clients,” DiMillo says. “You won’t see it on television, billboards, print advertising, or pay-per-click banner ads.”

Taking on a project of this scale–and in such a short period of time–has shown Quinlan they are able to come together and accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. It has also given the team confidence for any challenges ahead.

“Once you dive in, these projects can be fun,” says Kirst.“This was a great first step towards creating comprehensive projects that involve everything from technology to marketing. We’re excited to see what the next project of this scale will be.”

Thanks to all members of our digital team for their hard work: Ryan DiMillo, Ben Kirst, Frank Conjerti, Michael Belfatto, Mike Petruniak and Brandon Stenzel. We’re excited for the final outcome.

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