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Between new client projects, new video series and new employees and interns, 2015 has been quite the busy year for Quinlanites. Don’t let our company cookouts, ad club events or weekly happy hour fool you – we’ve been hard at work storming up some big new concepts for our clients.

Uncle Bob’s Comic Book: Seasonal Storage & the Garage that Burst at the Seams.

Our client, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, let us get creative and think big with their Get Stor-ganized blog. Last month, we created a new blog post with a comic book spin.

We took simple, best practices of self storage and turned them into a mystery involving comedy, visuals and even storage villains.

For this type of project, the Quinlan team focused on the idea of 10x, or 10 times content: meaning  content that’s 10 times better than what’s found in existing search results — not just good, unique content, but 10 times better than anything out there.

“Using this process before we begin a project helps us differentiate our final product,” says Kristin Sullivan, inbound marketing strategist and contributor for Get Stor-ganized. What questions still need to be answered? What kinds of visuals would help amplify the post for better user experience?  What’s missing, and how can we fill in those gaps? Asking these questions before we completed the comic helped us figure out how we would present simple self-storage concepts in a compelling way.”


Apple Rubber’s Monthly Animated Videos.

Our digital team has utilized video in several different ways for Apple Rubber, an industry leader in rubber compounds and O-rings. After launch of the client’s new mobile-responsive website in early 2015, we’ve been focusing on fresh, engaging content with the use of video.

Video and animation have been huge components to Apple Rubber’s content marketing strategy. To help promote some of the company’s products and services – such as compression molding, ISO-certified cleanroom, thermobonding and more, we produced short animated videos placed on the website and promoted in blog posts.

The goal for releasing the animated video series was to engage Apple Rubber’s audience not just on technical topics from experts in the engineering field, but also to explain specific processes in a quirky and creative way.

Apple Rubber: Custom-Designed Seals.

The Hot Topics blog, geared more towards an engineer-focused audience, also featured the technical video series which tackled specific, in-depth problems that engineers face today.
Apple Rubber: What are common O-Ring installation issues?


A new kind of Casual Fridays.

Frank Conjerti, Quinlan’s creative director, is well known for his witty humor, big smile and out-of-the-box thinking around the office – which made him the perfect star for his new video series, Casual Fridays. Part of being a creative agency is exploring new realms of work, which made it quite easy for Frank to develop a series of videos that helped capture Quinlan’s humorous style, discuss key industry trends, and add some helpful insight for viewers everywhere.

“Our goal for Casual Fridays was to humanize and build awareness of our brand,” Frank explains.  “We saw it as an opportunity to let our personality shine through and introduce everyone to the faces that make up Quinlan.”

Have you watched our best episode yet?
Get your jorts ready. (This is one you WON’T want to miss)

Stay tuned- we are excited to see what’s in store for 2016.
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