Print Ads: Not Your Grandma’s Advertising

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In the advertising and marketing world, it’s almost impossible to search the latest industry news without having to skip through at least 50 pages based on social media strategies (or trashy ad sites, but that’s another story).

By now, we should be fairly comfortable with the tricks of the trade in social media networking. If not, our last few blogs should get you up to speed.

But what about print ads, TV ads, radio ads? Where do they fit into the picture?

They’re still as important as ever. There’s a lot of buzz on social media sites, mainly because it’s the “new thing.” But it’s not the only strategy.

It’s true that digital ads are expected to surpass print ads this year, but they’re not going to replace them. Internet ads surpassed radio ads a couple years ago, but we’re still hearing advertisements on the radio on our daily commutes. The media is constantly morphing and overlapping, so what’s the best way to connect?

The key is to find a way to incorporate different forms of advertising into a smooth campaign. How you choose to do that is entirely based on your product and your audience.

Social media works, but only if you do it right… And doing it right means integrating it with traditional media.

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