Keeping it cool with Casual Fridays

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Your Fridays just got cooler: introducing Quinlan’s new video series, Casual Fridays

Introducing Casual Fridays


Casual Fridays is hosted by our own Creative Director, Frank Conjerti, and includes “frank” (ha ha) discussions of industry news, tech notes, marketing tips and pop culture trends. The videos aim to be lighthearted, informative and thought-provoking – similar, in fact, to most conversations with our friend Frank.

“This is an exciting week. I’m about to launch the public display of my awkwardness,” Frank joked. “But seriously, our agency is going through an incredible transition. When I was promoted to the creative lead, my boss, (Vice President of Operations) Ryan DiMillo, told me that part of this role is getting out in front of audiences. So after a little prodding, I agreed to write and produce a series of videos to help humanize our agency, and, in turn, attach my face to our name.”

The series is part of the ongoing evolution of Quinlan – and Frank admits he is fired up by the changes.

“We’ve focused on instilling in our culture a new sense of pride in our work,” he says. “It’s amazing to see the passion, and sometimes anger, in people fighting for new ideas. I love it.”

Check every Friday for a new episode of Casual Fridays.

Want to learn more? Tweet us your thoughts @QuinlanCompany and be sure to subscribe to Casual Fridays.

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