Summer content marketing internship comes to an end: Goodbye, Hannah Gilray!

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Summer is slowly coming to an end this year, which means we have to say good-bye to another of our great interns.

Hannah Gilray, a marketing major at the State University of New York at Fredonia, joined Quinlan this past May as the first participant in our new content marketing internship.

Hannah worked closely with Quinlan’s Director of Content Marketing Ben Kirst and his digital content team during her content marketing internship to create a project of her own: the Off-Campus Living Blog.

The blog included a wide variety of topics, ranging from DIY projects like how to build a pallet coffee tables, interviews with design and decor experts and advice on apartment living and decorating tips. All of the information was geared towards college students who often have the same problem when it comes to accomodations away from home — they don’t have a ton of money, live in small spaces and split the rent with roommates but still want a nice place to live.


Before we released Hannah from her content marketing internship and sent her off to finish her senior year at SUNY Fredonia, we asked her a few questions on her experiences with Quinlan.

Tell us about your school, and why you got into marketing.

I attend the State University of New York at Fredonia and really love my school! I also grew up in the small town of Fredonia, so I knew that almost everyone I talked to loved SUNY Fredonia and always had great experiences. I got into marketing because I wanted a career that allowed me to be creative and do new things. With my marketing degree, I really would like to go into the advertising field and focus on identifying new target markets and building consumer relationships for businesses.

What was your favorite part about interning with Quinlan this summer?

Hmm.. my favorite part was probably learning from others and feeling like I was a part of the team. I worked with the digital content team and four main people (Grace, Kristin, Sarah and Ben). I really learned what it was like to get ideas from others and then apply them to my work. So my favorite part would definitely have to be working and learning from others while seeing my work grow.

Who was your supervisor?

My supervisor was Ben Kirst, director of content marketing. Ben was a great mentor and really taught me all about the world of digital content, which I barely knew before the content marketing internship. He also attended SUNY Fredonia! (ed note – I may have mentioned this once or twice. – Ben)

Who do you think is the funniest person in the office?

Since I mostly worked with the content team, I would say Kristin was probably the funniest. She has a very funny sense of humor and is always coming up with clever tweets! I would have to say that Frank, creative director, is pretty funny as well with his notorious Casual Friday videos.

What is the most important thing you have learned from the Quinlan content marketing internship?

I learned many important things interning this summer at Quinlan so picking the most important is tough. I ended with a presentation to some of the Quinlan team that explained what I did and what I learned from my project of creating the Off Campus Living blog. I learned all about blogging and all the hard work that goes into creating new content while trying to increase and maintain your viewers. Along with the fact that if you dedicate yourself to something, your results will pay off!

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication this summer, Hannah!

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