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5 Tips for Developing Responsive Websites

Our experts deliver some tips and tricks for developing a responsive website for every digital platform.

UB’s Let’s Get Flappy creates innovative interactive gaming experience

We thought that the third place finisher, Let’s Get Flappy, came up with a particularly interesting hack. The idea? To create a game — Flappybirds — that could be viewed and played, using your Internet-enabled mobile device, tablet, or computer, on walls in public places like malls, schools, or airports.

Optimize your forms for Mobile

Do you enjoy filling out forms on a mobile browser? If you answered yes- you’re lying. Our fingers are way too big and clumsy to complete this process quickly and efficiently …

A Colorful Plugin: jQuery Color

jQuery is a quick, responsive, and easy-to-use Javascript library that simplifies DOM manipulation & traversing, event handling, Ajax, and so much more. Better yet, you can extend and build on this framework to incorporate additional features; such as mobile capabilties, user-interface enhancements, and color transitioning.