What would you do if you won the 1.5 billion Powerball lot?

The New York Powerball jackpot is at 1.5 billion dollars, and we have some big plans if we win. Check out what the Quinlanites plan to do if they win the golden ticket.

Hard-hitting debate: UberBowl tackles Super Bowl ads

Eager to watch the 2015 Super Bowl ads? Anxiously awaiting the chance to talk some smack? Well, you’re in the right city.

Quinlan Teams with Uncle Bob’s to ‘Address Your Mess’

It’s always a great success when teams are able to put their heads together to accomplish their goals. For the past six weeks, Quinlan has been hard at work developing and executing the Address Your Mess campaign for client Uncle Bob’s Self Storage.

The Future of Print Media: Why It’s Here to Stay

There’s no doubt we live in a digital age. We’re bombarded with new technology on a daily basis. With things like smart phones and tablets, content can be consolidated onto a tiny digital chip and can be available anywhere at any time. With this kind of accessibility and so many bookstores closing and newspapers struggling, we wonder whether print media is really going obsolete.

How To @ttract Twitter Followers

Most businesses are probably aware of the value of Twitter by now. Twitter is an easy way to share information and ideas and connect with consumers. With a strong Twitter presence, it’s easy to build a community that is interested in your product and brand and what you have to say about it. But how do you get to that point? Getting people to follow you on Twitter isn’t easy, but with a few helpful tips, you’ll be on your way to success.