10 Things You Need to Do In Buffalo this Winter

As Buffalonians, we’re winter pros. We’ve survived the Blizzard of ‘93, the December Storm of ‘01, the October Surprise of ‘06, and the North American Winter Storm in ‘14. So, chances are you already have kitty litter in your truck, bags of salt piled on your front porch and your snow boots readily available. But, […]

new buffalo adventures

10 New Buffalo Adventures You Probably Didn’t Know About

To help you get the most out of the city of good neighbors, we put together a list of 10 all-new Buffalo adventures you probably didn’t know about.

female pr

PR’s Unjust Wage Gap: Powerful Advice From 4 Fearless Women

Women account for nearly 85 percent of the public relations workforce, yet 80 percent of top management positions are held by men. That’s kind of mind-blowing, right? As young women new to the workforce, my colleague Sarah and I were able to learn a lot from these four fearless Buffalo professionals.

Inbound Takeaways: Part II

Last week, three of our Quinlan members — our owner, Gary Miller, our director of digital content, Ben Kirst, and me — had the privilege of attending the world’s largest inbound marketing conference. After four days in the awesome city of Boston, let’s just say the bar for conferences has been set pretty high.

Inbound 2014

10 Key Lessons from INBOUND 2014

Three members of the Quinlan team — our owner Gary Miller, content strategist Kristin Sullivan and me — spent four days in Boston last week as attendees at Hubspot’s Inbound 2014 marketing conference. When we weren’t shucking clams at Row 34,we actually learned quite a bit.