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content marketing myths

3 B2B Content Marketing Myths You Need to Know the Truth About

We know what you may be thinking already: Content marketing? There’s no place for that kind of frivolous marketing in the B2B world. But we’d beg to differ. Check out these four B2B content marketing myths you need to know the truth about.

grammar tips

Confessions of a Grammar Nerd: 5 Grammar Tips You Need to Know

It’s hard to market sloppiness, regardless of the field you’re in. That’s why we broke down these five grammar tips.

The Four Rules of Using Memes in Your Content Marketing Strategy

You know how to use the internet. How else would you have stumbled upon this blog post?

That’s why I think it’s safe to assume you know how to use internet memes. But you may have a difficult time describing what they are. Let us show you the four rules of using memes in your content marketing strategy.

5 Reasons to Stop Handling Your Own Copywriting Now

We all know copywriting is used to persuade people to think or act a certain way, but not everyone is trained to write specifically for advertising. Here are our top five reasons to hand the copywriting over to a professional.