Casual Fridays

casual fridays

How to measure creative risk: A story of Casual Fridays

Does creativity even matter? How do you measure creative risk? We made our own scale and tested it on our agency’s in-house video series. Here’s what we found.

Weird but Wonderful: Welcome to Season 2 of Casual Fridays

We heard you wanted more — and more you shall receive. Quinlan’s original Casual Fridays video series is back with the all new second season you’ve been waiting for. Brace yourselves. It’s about to get weird.

Casual Fridays Christmas Special

We’re back: It’s the Casual Fridays Christmas Special!

We’ve added enough ad industry jargon to our Casual Fridays Christmas Special to qualify viewing as ‘work.’ It’s your job to bill this to a client.

Keeping it cool with Casual Fridays

Keep it cool this summer with our new video series “Casual Fridays.” Our Creative Director Frank Conjerti will provide you with the best industry tactics ranging from marketing tips to pop-culture trends.