Website Conversion Attribution – Part 2

You work hard to promote your brand through your online marketing strategies. You know how to properly attribute multiple touch points to goal conversions. Use these techniques to tie your offline conversion data to your multi-channel online campaigns for the ultimate visitor behavior data.

Website Conversion Attribution – Part 1

Typically, most people correlate the last source of a visitor’s session to a conversion. However, do people convert one of your website goals simply on one visit? Possibly. But far too often, someone visits multiple times, converting after multiple visits. Each of those visits may be from different sources. Are you giving the credit for your last sale or qualified lead to the right place?

Measuring Your Website’s ROI – Part 2

Last week, I discussed how to properly measure the ROI on your Website. It starts with applying value to your goal conversions. It is a great start to measuring the value of your site. This week, I’ll focus on in-site behaviors and how measuring more than simple goals augments ROI.

Measuring Your Site's ROI - Part 1 (dart board picture)

Measuring Your Website’s ROI – Part 1

Measuring the return on your website’s investment is an elusive concept for many organizations. For many, measuring consists of visitors or page views. In my travels and at various conferences, I often hear similar questions. Where do you start? What else can you measure? But how does that translate to dollars and cents? With a little set up and a bit of follow-through, it can be easy to look at your website as a revenue center and not some red line on your accountant’s books.