Are Brands Using Facebook To The Fullest?

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When it comes to Facebook, having an account and using it to its full potential are two different things.

Brands often find themselves making simple, common mistakes that harm the greatness that Facebook has to offer. So how do you avoid these mistakes and harness the power that Facebook has to give?

• First off and most importantly, understand that Facebook is a community. There is no “I” involved. It’s a “we” relationship that involves, like any other relationship, two-way communication.  When consumers post comments/questions/feelings on a brand’s page, it opens the door to new relationships!

• Know your audience. Getting to know the demographic isn’t about talking to them, it’s about talking with them. Reply to posts, continue on discussions, and help the consumer realize they are the main focus!

• Ask, don’t tell. Asking questions is a great way to getting to know who the consumers are. Starting off with a simple question is a great way to spark conversation. People love the chance to talk and voice their opinion.

• Keep them coming back for more! Facebook has the capability for more than posting comments or pictures. Brands can link their blogs to Facebook, post videos, or even post links to other social media channels. Just make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin by dabbling in too many outlets.

• Lastly, it’s okay to be human. Consumers would rather put a face to a company by connecting with them on a more personal level. Use humor, update viewers of who your workers are, and create small talk.

All of these strategies make it easier for the consumer to communicate with you.

Crossing into the realms of Facebook can be daunting and confusing, but if simple steps are taken, brands can prosper from the opportunities Facebook presents.

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