5 Reasons to Stop Handling Your Own Copywriting Now

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We all know copywriting is used to persuade people to think or act a certain way. Every piece of writing in a company’s marketing efforts is part of a brand and should be treated with the same importance. That includes everything from traditional materials, such as brochures and print ads, to digital outlets, like websites, emails and even social media.

As creative professionals with experience building content that works, we know there are too many smart marketers wasting time developing content that simply won’t push their business forward. Why? Because they choose to handle the copywriting themselves instead of trusting the professionals.

To set the record straight: that’s not to say marketers or business professionals can’t write. We know plenty of clients and colleagues who are passionate about their brand and have the writing skills to communicate their products or services to their customers. The downside, though? They’re not trained to write specifically for advertising.

Still not convinced? Here are our top five reasons to hand the copywriting over to a professional.

1. Digital demands more.keyboard-561124_640

We all reminisce about – or at least remember from Mad Men episodes – the days when all you needed was a killer tagline and a rockstar photo to make your year-long campaign take customers by storm. Oh, the good old days (or so we’re told).

All too often, we work with clients who continue to focus a lot of time and energy on developing copy that’s very traditional in style. A content writer, on the other hand, is trained for digital media and will use a number of approaches to activate the campaign’s message. Additionally, content specialists are constantly changing copy on digital tactics based on the message’s performance.

2. Good copy alone won’t get results.

People are exposed to around 5,000 brand messages per day. The majority of those brand messages are completely tuned out. Even the most loved commercials often suffer from a lack of brand recognition, (meaning we remember something about the spot) but we don’t recall what company it’s for. Unless you have a multi-million dollar marketing budget, copy that’s good just isn’t good enough.

An agency content writer knows how to write for all sorts of brands, under many circumstances and for many audiences. They are experts when it comes to taking what you know and love about your brand and making it meaningful for the end user. It’s not to say an in-house team can’t write awesome copy, but we typically find that our clients are so ingrained in their products on a day-to-day basis that they have difficulty developing copy that is truly customer-focused.

3. You’ve got more important things to do.computer-1185567_640

This may seem like a no-brainer, but unless your sole focus is writing, you probably have some pretty important things on your agenda. Many in-house marketing managers are tasked with everything from internal communications, to managing the CRM system, to developing sales presentations and more.

Creating impactful content takes time, and even the most skilled writers run into writer’s block. It can be a huge time suck and most likely it’s not the task that is most vital to your organization. So ditch the writing and start working on that big idea you’ve been meaning to pitch to the CEO for eight months.

4. You could be missing out on SEO opportunities.

We hope if you’re reading this you’re aware of the importance of SEO when building digital content. However, many in-house marketing teams do not have the resources or tools available to create content that will drive organic traffic. The days of stuffing your website with keywords are long gone. You must know how to use those keywords within rich content that answers a question or solves a problem for the end user.

Our media and content teams work together to ensure that our clients’ content is SEO-based. Changing a keyword or phrase even slightly, for example, can dramatically change your chances of being found in search. We take into account things like search volume, competition and what’s trending in order to make your content work harder.

5. It’s time to take some risks.workshop-2209239_640

When it comes to writing, greater risk often means greater results (in fact, we did some research on creative risk to prove this theory). Now that you’ve accepted that good copy isn’t enough, it’s time to go all out. That’s where an agency comes in. Agencies are known as the kooky creatives, you know – they wear jeans way too much and have Nerf gun fights in the office.

But seriously speaking, allowing an agency to do their creative thing takes the pressure off you and your team. Let a group like Quinlan come up with the ideas that will never pass the board’s approval and you can help to find a middle ground. You might just find that there’s an idea worth trying.

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