Pitch Perfect: The Ultimate Guide to 4 PR Tools You Need to Know

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Let’s face it– PR professionals work in a chaotic environment. Between event planning, networking with the media, creating client campaigns and crafting the perfect pitch, it’s a wonder how we stay sane.

With the ability of having social media at our fingertips, it may be easy to instantaneously chat up that editor you’ve been following on Twitter or research a new client before you even reach your desk. However, getting lost in the clutter can happen before you know it.

To help you navigate your way through all of the features you have readily available to you, we’ve narrowed down a list of the top four PR tools every pro should have in their toolbox.

1. Mailchimp.


Distributing press releases to a long, lengthy list of editors can be a grueling process- especially if you plan on picking up the phone to give them a not-so-simple call. Mailchimp was designed to do just that- make life simpler. With real-time analytics, Mailchimp helps make life easy with functions for creating and uploading various media lists, customizing campaigns and press releases and tracking subscribers after sending your work. Best part of all- it’s free!

Pitching your press release on a desktop or on your mobile device is now simple, straight-forward and very effective. Check stats on the go or look at detailed reports after sending out your campaign, the beneficial features are endless and, of course, mobile-friendly. To sign up, visit their website or download the app. Then watch your campaigns reach thousands of people in just one click. You’re welcome.

2. Feedly.


Feedly is another free tool used as a centralized hub to compile news feeds from various online sources, allowing users to share and organize content with ease. Whether you need to organize your own content or share information with your team, Feedly features a smooth, streamlined process that keeps users engaged (and even offers a private content option for businesses).

When you find an article you want so save, simply use your browser’s Feedly extension to add it to your page. You can then organize it into different categories or share it with your friends and colleagues.

You can also stay updated with alerts when content for a specific topic is published. Fuel your desire for knowledge and add Feedly to your list of tools.

3. Trello.


Organizing ideas, thoughts and information is becoming pretty hectic in our technology-driven world. Since we’re constantly reading texts, checking social media and multi-tasking, it can be very difficult to organize thoughts and ideas– especially if it involves clients.

That’s where Trello steps in. Trello is a free, simple-yet-efficient tool that allows you to drag and drop ideas on a board just like a brainstorm session and organize them based on your needs. You can easily plan your next PR campaign or create a board that is fully dedicated to creative ideas for future clients. Trello helps bring together even the smallest thoughts that come to mind to create the bigger picture and is a great tool to use with co-workers when working on detailed projects.

4. Hootsuite.


Social media marketing is a vital part of telling a brand’s story. If you work in marketing or public relations- you may have experienced the chaos that ensues when trying to manage multiple social media accounts for various clients. Fear no more– Hootsuite is your solution.

The free desktop version of Hootsuite allows you to have up to three accounts for platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It also provides detailed analytics to see which tweets are performing best and sends monthly overviews to see how your account performed that month (including follower count and much more). Happy tweeting!

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