4 tips for startups with Niall Wallace

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On April 29, Niall Wallace, CEO of Infonaut, a healthcare research tech start-up from Toronto, took the chair at dig in Buffalo. Wallace created Infonaut after the SARS crisis in 2006 with a goal to implement a hospital strategy incorporating evidence-based infection control.

 “Healthcare was close to shutting down during the SARS outbreak,” Wallace explains. “Hospital superbugs and infections are actually the fourth leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease and cancer.”

According to the CDC, infectious diseases are preventable but still remain the fourth leading cause of death as they continue to increase. Infectious disease is still a visible problem in hospitals, and Wallace is eager to find a solution.

 With all start-ups comes a challenge: how do you face an issue or crisis?

“Think big!” Wallace suggests. “Don’t forget to be destructive. Think of different views of the problem and find out how you can solve it — then stick with it.”


4 tips for Startups with Niall Wallace


1. Start with an idea.
Find a cause — a problem you want to solve and believe in — and find others who relate to this.

2. Find influencers.
Find others who share your goal and involve them. Since transitioning to Buffalo, Wallace has brought on many knowledgeable scientists and innovators in the area who share his vision and bring experience to his team.
“They really bring in prospective views to the solution we are trying to reach,” he says.

3. Never forget step 2.
Step one defines your initiative and helps you define your beginning goals, but it won’t lead directly to step 3 (profit). Step two is often overlooked. It involves the process and tedious research needed for any startup company. It includes developing a streamline for your process, consolidating and constructing the information you have and curating a system that will allow you to steadily move forward.

4. Entrepreneurship is a gut check.
“Take the first ‘no’ you get instead of waiting for the longest one,” Wallace explains as he reminisces of his startup days inside Toronto’s MaRs Discovery District — an innovative hub for startups and entrepreneurs. The process may be a gut check, but is necessary to get where you are going.


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