Hard-hitting debate: UberBowl tackles Super Bowl ads


This event was cancelled! Please contact the Advertising Club of Buffalo for refund or rescheduling info.

Eager to watch the 2015 Super Bowl ads? Anxiously awaiting the chance to talk some smack? Well, you’re in the right city. Get off Twitter and make plans to attend the Advertising Club of Buffalo’s sixth annual UberBowl event on Monday, Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. at Cobblestone Bar and Restaurant (130 South Park Ave., Buffalo).

How UberBowl works

UberBowl originated in 2009 as a panel of advertising experts given an opportunity to express their strongest opinions on the Super Bowl ads while sharing their own tips and pointers on the creative process.

This current version of UberBowl will star our very own creative director Frank Conjerti, who, in a change of pace from years past, will boot out the panel and serve as co-host for the event along with Advertising Club of Buffalo President Scott Bartels. frank and Scott will lead a town hall-style forum in which audience members will critique, debate and discuss the $150,000-per-second ads that aired in the previous day’s Super Bowl.

Bring your A-game.

At UberBowl, the star panelist is YOU. Your hottest takes are required.

There will never be another Bartlo.

There will not be an UberBowl winner as there has been in years past, meaning Quinlan’s own executive vice president  Dan Bartlo will hold the 2014 UberBowl championship trophy for the foreseeable future. Dan — one of four panelists who debated the ads in UberBowl V — was named top dog of the debate and will keep the trophy perched in his office for one more year.

Dan Bartlo of Quinlan and Company with UberBowl Trophy

Each year the Super Bowl entices the public to not only watch the biggest football game of the year, but also to engage in their ads. This year, companies are releasing their million dollar advertisements days before the big game in hopes to increase the anticipation for viewers everywhere. Which makes UberBowl, the perfect event to attend so we can “open our mouths” and discuss what we truly think.

Don’t miss the intense UberBowl VI! Check out the Advertising Club of Buffalo and register for the UberBowl VI. We hope to see you there!

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StartUp Grind: Entrepreneurs of Buffalo, Unite!


With the growing number of millennials in Buffalo, NY, along with evolving local businesses, it’s no secret that now is a thriving time for social influencers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dig (Designed Innovative Garage) Buffalo, a collaborative space for innovators and entrepreneurs, is known for hosting events targeting thought leaders and creative thinkers. Among these is StartUp Grind — a series of networking events constructed to inspire, educate and lead ambitious entrepreneurs around the world.

Curious as to how they operate? Let’s find out more.

Who is Startup Grind?

StartUp Grind is a global startup community founded in Palo Alto, California. Powered by Google Entrepreneurs, the organization focuses on educating and connecting with aspiring entrepreneurs and has various chapters around the world.

What do they do?

StartUp Grind combines working entrepreneurs and educators with those working to prosper themselves with tips, ideas and encouragement. Looking to build a business as an artist? Perhaps you dream of opening your own restaurant someday. No matter the concept, StartUp Grind is the event you want to attend.

Between monthly fireside chats, startup mixers and annual conferences, StartUp Grind provides ample opportunities to fuel innovation, connect with a strong support network, and form meaningful connections.

Where can I find StartUp Grind?

Today, StartUp Grind has chapters in cities across the globe, and Buffalo is one of them. Buffalo’s StartUp Grind chapter has various events scheduled for 2015 which are all located at Dig Buffalo.

Be sure to check out the Content Savvy event at Dig Buffalo Wednesday, January 28th from 6pm-9pm. For more details about joining a local chapter and learning about future events, visit StandUp Grind and Dig Buffalo.

What are your thoughts or tips on becoming an entrepreneur in Buffalo? Tweet us @QuinlanCompany.

Meet Sarah Miller, our new PR coordinator


Quinlan & Company is happy to announce the addition of a new Public Relations coordinator to the growing digital advertising team.

Sarah Miller has joined Quinlan and Company as the new Public Resultado de imagen para pr coordinatorRelations Coordinator. Her responsibilities include conducting and editing press releases, corresponding media outreach, and controlling Quinlan’s social media accounts. Sarah was previously a freelance marketing coordinator and Mortgage Specialist at First Niagara Bank while working to obtain her Master’s in Public Relations Management at Buffalo State College. She always recommends following this path as as she says it was one of the greatest opportunities of her life, having a scholarship made her life totally different and let her experience a healthy and good educational career.

Aside from her background in marketing and public relations, Sarah is a big music advocate. She enjoys playing the piano and guitar in her spare time along with supporting local artists throughout Buffalo, NY where she resides.

Sarah has received her Master’s in Public Relations Management in 2014 at Buffalo State College after obtaining her Bachelors in Communications at the University at Buffalo, New York.

With her aspiring passion for Public Relations, we are certain she will make a great addition to the team!

For more information about Quinlan’s team tweet us @QuinlanCompany or find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/quinlancompany 

How to Dominate Social Media in 2015


Social media continues to be the most popular content promotion tool for marketers far and wide. What changes, updates and tips do you need to know for the year ahead that will let you dominate the social space of your business and your clients? Let’s find out.

Twitter: New Tools for Small Businesses


Twitter will offer more variety of settings for businesses to succeed. A new series of campaigns will target small businesses that need to develop goals and objectives tailored to their specific needs.

Late in 2014, Twitter released a series of #SmallGoesBig digital events targeting small businesses and proposed a new Small Business Planner App directed for managing holiday campaigns. Earlier this year, Twitter released its Leap Series, which includes a variety of marketing strategies and tips geared specifically for small businesses.

Dominate Twitter in 2015:

  • Track your followers: Know your audience, and keep an eye on who is following you (and why). Are they customers? Perhaps they are looking to gain more expertise about your brand. Develop and craft tweets that cater to your audience. Ask for retweets. Integrate promotions about your product or service.
  • Maintain Number of Tweets Per Day/Week: Tracking your tweets and keywords is important. Maintain daily or weekly goals and measure activity on your Twitter page using Twitter’s Analytics tools or the tools provided by third-party apps like Hootsuite.

Pinterest: Learn from the Best, Start Using Tools


Know who’s doing a great job on Pinterest? Martha Stewart.

The various boards on Martha Stewart’s Pinterest page reflect more than her well-known recipe books and cooking products. You’ll also find captivating imagery surrounding everything her target audience loves, from travel destinations to holiday photography. This clever strategy appeals to an audience that may visit similar pages but are not yet involved with any products Martha Stewart offers.

Dominate Pinterest in 2015:

  • Strategize: It’s easy to get carried away on social media and just go for it, even when you’re not sure what “it” is. This is especially dangerous on Pinterest, where pinning is so easy and you may feel like you’ve really accomplished something just by tossing dozens of new pins into your brands boards. Not so! Make certain that your company’s Pinterest presence adheres to a well-considered audience. Create pins and boards that relate to your goals of reaching that audience- not just what you think is cool in the moment.
  • Share, Share, Share. Pinterest can also act as a B2B tool if used correctly. Share and connect with other businesses that could benefit by re-pinning your images, which now directs your brand to an even larger audience. Perhaps you may have a similar target audience, or perhaps your company can benefit from gaining a new audience from following other avid pinners who offer similar products or services.
  • Use the Right Tools: Stop winging it on Pinterest! Pinterest has an analytics tool- get familiar with it. Third-party apps like Tailwind allow you to get much more granular with your pinning strategy.

LinkedIn: Pay your Respects to the King of the B2B Mountain


LinkedIn will soon be the most popular B2B social media marketing tool.

According to the 2014 Social Media Examiner Survey, 88% of B2B Marketers are using LinkedIn while 89% are using Facebook and 86% are on Twitter.

Here’s a great case study:

In 2012, Citigroup wanted to reach out to strong female professionals in comparison to mail professionals. Citigroup created a LinkedIn group called “Connect: Professional Woman’s Network.” The goal for the group was to gather working female professionals to discuss their lives related to work.

Within a few months, the group had 30,000 members- and today, that number has grown to over 393,000. Thousands of comments are posted weekly. This response has helped Citigroup more effectively target female professionals while earning anecdotal information about what’s important, what’s topical and what’s hotly contested among this valuable demographic.

Dominate LinkedIn in 2015:

  • Use LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates. Are you doing paid content promotion in social media? Great. Is your focus almost entirely on Facebook? Not so great. Sponsored LinkedIn updates help your company share content to appropriate business-oriented audiences. Clicks and interaction is often more expensive than you’d find on other social networks, so be prepared to spend a little more- but realize that you’re hitting a very specific business audience, as well.
  • Personally Engage with your own personal network. Your LinkedIn Network has a lot of valuable information from the many individuals and companies who follow you. Carefully research who is in your network, develop messages that tend to their interest and needs, and be a person- say hi once in a while, ask for advice, share some info and engage instead of just digging all of the time.

Ello: Really?


Not sure what Ello is? Read our blog post on Ello from October 2014 to find out.

After a hot start in Q3 of 2014, popular adaption of Ello may arrive this year as this ad-free, privacy-focused social media tool gains greater public awareness. Ello keeps user profiles private and confirms that your individual profile data will not be sold for advertisements. This makes the use of Ello for business somewhat difficult, if not antithetical- but the so-called “anti-Facebook” better be on your brand’s radar as best practices are established.

Dominate Ello in 2015:

  • Join the party. First of all, get an Ello account and start using it on a regular basis. Check out the discover tab- it’ll help new users like you meet other people and find common content threads.
  • Keep it down! Ello wanted to find an effective way to maintain their clean image and manager clutter for each profile, hence they created Noise. This tab, on the top right of your profile, will keep all activity and communication between friends and users in a separate category.  All you need to do is click Noise to see what is currently happening with other users. Bad news, brands- right now, you’re probably Noise.

Instagram: Pay Your Respects to the King of the B2B Mountain

photo-634069_1280 (1)

Instagram users continue to increase and brands will continue to utilize this tool to their advantage. The variety of ways to promote your business on Instagram feels limitless. Your company can incorporate sales, products, company information, customer feedback, employee involvement and much more.

Dominate Instagram in 2015:

  • Post relevantly: Perhaps it is a specific holiday, or there is a popular event on a certain day that appeals to many of your followers (and target audience). Staying relatable and not constantly selling product makes your feed much more attractive and engageable.
  • Comment, Hashtag, and Reply! When you share an image on your company’s Instagram feed, take the time to write a compelling descriptions on what you are posting and direct your audience where to go for additional information. Use hashtags and links EVERY TIME.


What are your thoughts on social media for 2015? We’d love to hear from you in the Comments section or by tweeting us at @QuinlanCompany today.

Humblebragging: We won 9 MANNY awards


Three gold, three silver and three bronze. We’re about business.

What are the MANNY Awards?

Quinlan belongs to MCAN, a loosely-affiliated network of small- to mid-sized advertising agencies located in non-competing markets across the United States and Canada. MCAN exists to allow these partner agencies to “share ideas, resources, creative talent and professional counsel” — valuable tools when you’re not the size of a Y+R or Wieden + Kennedy.

Once a year, MCAN affiliates hold an awards ceremony — the MANNYs — honoring the best member work in 54 different creative and strategic categories. This year, the event was held on Saturday, Jan. 17 in St. Augustine, Florida. Quinlan owner Gary Miller attended on behalf of the agency.

“It was our best showing to date with several gold, silver and bronze awards,” Gary says. “Our video projects were strongly received. It was a testament to Quinlan’s ever-improving creative product.”

Quinlan’s award-winning team


All of the Quinlan team members who participated in at least one of the award-winning projects are pictured above.

From left:

Michael Belfatto (UI/UX designer); Dan Bartlo (executive vice president); Krista Roberts (creative accounts manager); Ryan DiMillo (vice president of operations); Maclaine Russell (VFX producer); Gregory Croniser (IT director); Ben Kirst (director of digital content); Drew Celestino (senior web developer); Brandon Stenzel (digital creative and support); Frank Conjeri (creative director – digital); Beverly DiPalma (vice president, creative); and Bill Walter (graphic artist).

What awards did Quinlan win?

Quinlan’s team took home awards in the following categories:


  1. Television – :30 or :60 or Online Video
  2. Television Campaign
  3. Agency Self Promotion – Video, PR, Direct Mail


  1. Website – B2B
  2. Trade Show or Event Exhibit
  3. Brochure – B2C


  1. Consumer Single Mailer – Digital or Printed
  2. B2B Sales Sheet Series
  3. Brochure – B2B

Here is a spot from our Northwest Savings Bank television and web video campaign that earned a pair of gold MANNYs (not the first time that this campaign won Quinlan awards). Enjoy!

Northwest Savings Bank – Pet Store Predicament from Quinlan on Vimeo.