Why You Shouldn’t Link Your Twitter and Facebook


Keeping track of all your different social media accounts can get confusing. It might be tempting to link your accounts, like Twitter and Facebook. If you do this, you’d only have to post once and that information would show up on both your Twitter and Facebook. You save time and energy, and you still reach both audiences, right? So what could be wrong with that? Here are three reasons why linking your accounts is not a good idea:

 1. Your audience might get bored.  It’s likely that many of your customers follow you on both Twitter and Facebook. This means that they’re getting the same exact content twice, which could become redundant. They could lose interest, and you could lose their business. It’s important that you vary the content you share, even slightly, so that your customers benefit from being a part of both networks.

2. Different networks expect different things. The etiquette on Facebook is completely different than the etiquette on Twitter. While Facebook is personal and familiar, Twitter is more informal and fast-paced. People expect to see lots of tweets in a day, while they may only want to see one or two Facebook posts. You need to adapt your content to meet the needs of each network.

3. You need to adhere to lingo and format requirements. Because of the 140-character requirement on Twitter, users use more abbreviations than on Facebook and are also prone to use things like hashtags (#) and mentions (@). Facebook posts, on the other hand, are usually lengthier and intended to provide more information. If your short concise tweets are posted on Facebook, your fans might get frustrated with the lack of information and the specific lingo.

So what should you do? This doesn’t mean you need to spend an exorbitant amount of time differentiating your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can still post similar content, just adapted for each network. By doing so, you’ll have a strong social media presence, and your customers will enjoy being a part of both networks.

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What’s new in PHP 5.4


On October 18th, 2012, PHP 5.4.8 was released by the PHP development team. If you’re uncomfortable (or bored) with the ChangeLog, here’s a breakdown of some of the more notable changes:

New array syntax

Use brackets instead (array() is still supported).

[sourcecode language=”php”]
// old
$quinlan = array(’employees’ => ‘cool’, ‘environment’ => ‘fun’);

// new short array syntax
$quinlan = [’employees’ => ‘cool’, ‘environment’ => ‘fun’];

Deprecated features

• The register_globals feature has been removed. This setting would register $_POST, $_GET, $_COOKIE, and $_SERVER variables as global variables (with no code required).

• The magic_quotes feature has been removed. This setting would add a backslash to all ' single-quote and " double-quote characters automatically. The addslashes() function does the exact same thing.

• The safe_mode feature has been removed. It was designed to prevent hackers from being able to use PHP scripts to execute commands at the operating system level and intended to be a security method for web applications running on shared hosting accounts. When enabled, there are a slew of PHP functions that are disabled (much to the chagrin of shared-hosting customers).

• The allow_call_time_pass_reference feature has been removed. This setting would issue a warning when arguments were passed by reference at function call time. According to PHP: “Passing arguments by reference at function call time was deprecated for code-cleanliness reasons”.

• You no longer have the ability to pass in variables to break and continue:

[sourcecode language=”php”]
break $some_var;
continue $some_other_var;

This argument instructed continue how many levels of enclosing loops it should skip to the end of and break how many nested enclosing structures are to be broken out of. Read more on PHP control structures.

Lastly; a recurring theme with each release, PHP has improved performance, reduced memory consumption, and has addressed numerous bug fixes.

Talk to your System Administrator and upgrade today! Good luck and happy coding!

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Get Into Our App Giveback – Buffalo ReUse & The Mikey’s Way Foundation


The voting stage of our App Giveback is underway and we thought we’d take a few minutes to profile two of the incredible organizations you’ve nominated; Buffalo ReUse and The Mikey’s Way Foundation.

Buffalo ReUse is a unique organization that encourages deconstruction and salvages quality building materials so that those materials can be reclaimed and offered at a low-cost, which enhances existing homes in our City.

There’s a store located at 296 E. Ferry Street in Buffalo. Aptly named The ReSource, it’s the primary source of income driving this non-profit. The materials sold in the store are acquired through green demolitions performed by Buffalo ReUse and outside contractors, as well as donations from within the community.

Everything this group does is focused on reclaiming the valuable resources we already have. The community is offered affordable quality building materials and it’s great for the environment as well. What’s not to love?

Mikey’s Way Foundation is an inspiring charity that connects hospitalized children with their friends, family and school in order to help them cope with the separation that comes with long-term treatments for cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Using electronics and tools like Skype, the Foundation is able to provide healthy distractions for young patients.

The organization is named after Mikey Friedman, a young man who struggled through endless rounds of chemo, radiation, surgeries, and a stem cell transplant as a teenager. Knowing how important mental stimulation was during his own treatment, Mikey truly believed in the positive effects of being able to “escape” the fear, boredom, and seclusion of a hospital bed.

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation approached Mikey to grant him the opportunity of a lifetime, he selflessly wished for a shopping spree that would allow him to purchase and personally deliver electronics to sick children. In December of 2005 his wish was granted and Mikey made his first distribute right here in Buffalo at Women and Children’s Hospital.

Tragically, Mikey lost his battle with cancer in 2008 but his legacy certainly lives on.

Make sure to check our blog again soon, as we’ll be talking about each of the 17 nominees over the next few weeks.  The contest wraps up on December 2nd. Remember, you’re able to vote once a day until then.

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Get your Head in the Cloud: Using cloud-based apps for productivity


What is Cloud Computing Exactly?
To best explain it, Cloud computing is internet-based computing, where shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand.

The term cloud computing has often been attributed to computer scientist John McCarthy, who in 1961 was the first to publicly suggest the possibility that computing power and applications could be accessed and shared remotely. This idea gained much popularity in the 1960’s, but lost steam in the 1990’s. However, the idea resurfaced and has not only gained popularity, but there has become an overabundance of applications and services available. Lets take a look at some of the top applications that are “up in the cloud.”

Top 6 Cloud-based Applications

Best For Note Taking:

 Evernote – 40MB/Month for Free
Excellent very secure note taking application. It can also do OCR on any documents you take a photo of, you can then later find them by searching for the text in that particular document. Another great feature is the ability to take snapshots of products or things you want to remember later.

Best for Task Management:
 Wunderlist –  
This is an excellent & aesthetically pleasing task management service. What I like about Wunderlist is its simplicity. You can categorize your tasks by job, mark more important tasks, set due dates, and even add notes. It is very shortcut friendly, as there is a keyboard shortcut for every function.

Best for iOS:
5GB for Free
This is the best option for the hardcore iOS device user. While you can use it via web browser, it is best used when utilizing it on multiple iOS devices.  It allows you to manage your iCloud email account, contacts list, calendar, notes, reminders, and also offers the ability to locate your iOS devices if they ar lost or stolen. As an added bonus, you can utilize your iWork & GarageBand software packages to store your work, to use on multiple Macs/ iOS devices. You are also given the ability to view over 30 different file types, which is great for viewing files when you don’t have the program on hand.

Best for Document Collaboration:
 Google Drive
5GB for Free
This is by far the best document collaboration tool available. It offers many robust features that can often match competitors desktop publishing software. It offers the ability to create word documents, spreadsheets, forms, and drawings. As a bonus you are able to download your work into popular formats (Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF) You can also share your documents with other people to allow collaboration & discussions while working together.
There is also an ability to track backwards on the changes you make as far as 30 days if you make a mistake, or delete something.

Best for File Storage:
 Dropbox2GB for Free
Dropbox is a great file storage tool that eliminates the need for carrying around a USB drive. You can access your files from their web interface, application for Mac, PC and Linux, as well as iOS and Android platforms.
You have the benefit of sharing, or limiting what files can be viewed by other users. Your also given the ability to view a wide range of file formats, even without having that particular application on hand.

Bonus Application:

 Jolicloud – Free
Want a place to organize all of your newly discovered apps? Jolicloud is the ultimate “Cloud OS”, literally. It is an interface that can encompass all cloud based and social networking apps and services. While there is a web version available, there is also a free downloadable linux-based operating system, that can be installed to dual boot with a Windows computer, or it can be a great way to install a standalone version to revive an old computer.

Now that you have a better understanding of “the Cloud” and learned about some new apps, go forth and use them to save you time, effort, and more importantly… space!

Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn


In the professional world, it’s important to have a strong social media presence. That’s why so many businesses have created their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. But you should also create a LinkedIn account. Trust us, it can be just as rewarding. Here are three reasons why:

1. It’s an opportunity for visibility. With LinkedIn, you can get your name out there and promote your business. Users are already searching for businesses just like yours, so you need to make sure they’ll be able to find you. Also, once you have followers, you can post content and updates. Your activity will give your followers a reason to remember you.

2. It’s a chance to find people to hire. LinkedIn is filled with professionals looking for jobs – making it easy to find someone to hire. You can post job openings on your account, which will draw interest to your page and help you find the right person for the job.

 3. It’s a resource for business tips and advice. Viewing other businesses’ accounts will allow you to see how they manage their own page and other social media. You can connect with other people in the industry, and they can give you feedback and ideas on how to manage your own social media and help you improve your business.

The benefits of LinkedIn are definitely abundant. So make sure your business is there – you won’t regret it. If you need help creating your LinkedIn account or establishing your social media presence, contact Quinlan today.