Are you ready for Timeline?


Here are a few basics to keep in mind when preparing your Facebook business page for Timeline:

1. Always use your logo as your profile picture. This is the image your audience will see when you post new updates, photos, videos, and communicate with others. Your profile picture will be shown as a thumbnail, so be sure it is sized appropriately.

2. Don’t leave your cover photo blank. Highlight your store front, your full logo, or a unique design that encompasses your brand. Your cover photo can be changed whenever you choose, but be sure you choose something that highlights your features and incorporates your brand personality.

3. Check the rules. Facebook has specific rules for what can and cannot be in your cover photo. For example, you are not allowed to include a sales pitch or call to action in the cover photo. For a complete list, ask us or visit this page.

4. Populate your timeline. Add interesting facts about your business such as founding date, and fill in photos and milestones when possible.

5. Explore the features. Timeline has plenty of new features to keep you busy for a while. Look into the pin to top feature, where you can keep important posts at the top of your page for 7 days; arrange your custom apps; add new photos and milestones; and check your new insights pages.

Last but not least, contact us! We’ll be happy to help you make your Timeline stand out from the competition.

2012 InfoTech Niagara BETA Awards


InfoTech Niagara is hosting their 12th annual BETA awards to honor the best and brightest in the WNY tech community.

This year, Quinlan, our clients, a member of our team, and a previous intern are nominated for a total of five BETA awards!

Best Online:
Trocaire College
Apple Rubber

(click the links above to view the websites we created)

Tech Culture Award:
Quinlan & Co

Techie Award – Small to Medium Sized Company
Ryan DiMillo – Quinlan & Co

Student Award
Ian Forsyth – Yale

(Click the link above to view the iPhone app Ian created while at Quinlan)

The BETA awards will take place on Tuesday, April 3rd at the Buffalo Convention Center. Stay tuned for the results!

Congratulations to our clients, to Ryan and our web team, to Ian, and to all of our fellow nominees!

Facebook unveils a new way to advertise – or does it?


Marketers around the globe had the opportunity this week to view a live feed of the facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) held in New York City. The seminar had quite a bit of useful information on the new Timeline feature, and perhaps most notably, the change from Facebook ads to Facebook Stories.

Representatives from Facebook explained in detail how the “Stories” feature will allow for businesses and brands to better connect with their audiences – giving them a way to talk with their fans instead of at them.

There was a lot of talk about going “back to the future” of forming connections – becoming a part of the community and concentrating on relationships.

Doesn’t that seem pretty obvious for social media?

After all, hasn’t the whole point of social media always been to be social and connect on a personal level with the audience? To provide a deeper level of customer service, to answer questions, to build relationships?

Facebook’s new “Stories” seem to be stating the obvious. The whole point of advertising on social media is, and has been, to give your audience something to connect with, relate to, and share.

Did we miss something here? It seemed that sitting through the conference was a repeat of social media 101 – and the information was being sold as if it was groundbreaking.

“Lots of ads can add up to noise” and “lots of stories are the basis of our relationships,” as Mike Hoefflinger, Director of Global Business Marketing for Facebook put it. And sure – the new “Stories” feature seems like it will be great, and if done correctly, will be capable of leading to great results.

But we can’t help but feel that we have been mislead in thinking this is revolutionary to how social media advertising works.

If anyone watching this conference didn’t already understand that social media is about connecting and sharing stories with others (whatever that story may be), they have much more to learn than the fMC seminar could have covered.

Need help making social media work for your brand? We can help.