The Outlook Of an Intern — #3


The final intern interview…for now at least! Introducing Marlee McCabe.

What school do you go to and what year are you?
I go to school at Buffalo State College and I’m going to be a Senior this fall.

What is your major and what made you pursue that path?
My major is Graphic Design. I always thought of myself as a creative person and was always interested in art. I loved painting and drawing and took a lot of art classes throughout high school.

How did you find out about Quinlan & Company?
I found out about Quinlan & Company through Beverly DiPalma. Being my aunt’s sister, I knew she graduated from Buffalo State with a Graphic Design degree – which is my goal come May 2011. I couldn’t want until I got to the point where I could intern with her and see what she’s accomplished with the degree.

What department are you interning with and who is your boss?
I’m interning in the creative department. Beverly Dipalma is my boss.

Who is the scariest person in the office?
The scariest person? Well, on my first day, everyone jokingly told me to watch out for Ron. Maybe it’s the Halloween decorations in his office or his funny sense of humor, but I don’t find him scary at all.

Truthfully, everyone that works here at Quinlan & Company is so friendly and easy-going. They all make me feel very welcome as an intern and as a person.

What is your favorite part about interning here?
My favorite part about interning here is learning about how an ad agency operates. It’s really beneficial to experience my major outside of college projects. I love being able to contribute my ideas and creativity.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

The most important thing I’ve learned is that teamwork is essential in creating a successful outcome. Everyone here contributes their skills and ideas to each project, which is why they’re so successful. Getting more than one person’s opinions and thoughts can really result in a great idea.

What do you hope to learn in the future while working at Quinlan?
I really hope that I will learn to express my creativity to my full potential. Whether it’s on stationary, newsletters, brochures, billboards, advertisements, and more, I want to be able to successfully display a message that attracts viewers from a graphic standpoint.