Partnering in a Time of Need to Cover the COVID-19 Pandemic

abstract representation of partnering in a time of need to cover the covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of change around the world. Through all of the ups and downs, one thing has continued to remain the same–the importance of marketing. 

Amid the widespread economical panic, Quinlan has worked closely alongside our clients to adjust marketing tactics and find appropriate ways for them to speak out–providing relevant information to keep their businesses running. In one example, we partnered with the team at Apple Rubber to ensure their content remained relevant for their business prospects and customers, while keeping in tune with what was going on around them. 

Here’s what we did to help:

First, we adjusted their immediate content calendar to alter the messaging of upcoming blogs and social captions. We needed to make sure we were using an appropriate tone and all messaging was in line with current events. 

We also tackled this adjustment by swapping their acquisition and retargeting creative to feature a supply chain risk management campaign. With this new creative, we wanted to speak to suppliers and buyers who may have had outsourcing issues caused by COVID-19 in overseas facilities. Using Apple Rubber’s tooling and production would help eliminate risks associated with less reliable supply chains. This acted as a direct response to the market and needs of Apple Rubber customers. 

Press releases, newsletters and a homepage banner callout were all developed to inform customers and business partners of Apple Rubber’s commitment to the safety of their staff. In addition, these platforms were used to inform customers of the steps they were taking to keep production running smoothly for critical seal development. 

Apple Rubber manufactures seals and components for medical devices, as well as products for other essential industries such as power generation, national defense, transportation and food processing. Since their operations are so crucial right now, they wanted to ensure continued production of those essential parts and help the greater community and global economy. 

Our advice: 

Marketing during a recession is one of the most important strategies for keeping companies and consumers connected. With just a few small adjustments, we were able to update our current marketing tactics and provide timely, relevant content that showcased our client’s dedication and thought leadership in the industry. 

To learn more about our marketing strategies and how we can keep you on track during this difficult time, contact us today.