Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

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Quinlan & Company is a proud member of the MCAN group, an advertising community with members from all over the United States. MCAN is dedicated to excellence in advertising, marketing, and business communications.

Each year, MCAN holds an award show called the MANNYs, showcasing the best of the best from the year in advertising. This year, the show was held in Sarasota, Florida. And we cleaned up!

Of our 20 submissions, we won 14 awards; including three 1st place awards, four 2nd place, four 3rd place, and 3 honorable mentions.

Take a look at our awesome, out of this world, best you’ve ever seen 1st place winners (We’re very modest):

We also took home the “Best in Show” award, given to the agency that receives the highest number of total awards received. It’s always great to see our hard work and dedication pay off in big ways!

For more information on MCAN and the MANNY awards, or to check out other members, visit

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