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Casual Fridays Season Two


I think I have a soulution
But this is about to get real awkward.

SULLY holds up a copy of a book titled Buzzword Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change.

JOSH and FRANK gasp in horror.


MICHAEL steps up to the Hurricane Simulator and places a number of coins in the slot. He places a wig on top of his head and enters the Simulator. He relishes the feeling of the wind through his hair. A MOTHER and DAUGHTER approach the Hurricane Simulator.

(speaking to MOTHER)
Keep it moving! I'm gonna be here a while!


MALORIE is in her pajamas, struggling to open her eyes. She pours a cup of coffee and adds in some creamer. She takes a sip and immediately cringes. She suddenly realizes she mistakenly grabbed a carton of liquid eggs instead of her creamer.

(sigh) I can't do this today.
I worked until 4am. (pause) I deserve a day off.

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