Why You Shouldn’t Link Your Twitter and Facebook

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Keeping track of all your different social media accounts can get confusing. It might be tempting to link your accounts, like Twitter and Facebook. If you do this, you’d only have to post once and that information would show up on both your Twitter and Facebook. You save time and energy, and you still reach both audiences, right? So what could be wrong with that? Here are three reasons why linking your accounts is not a good idea:

 1. Your audience might get bored.  It’s likely that many of your customers follow you on both Twitter and Facebook. This means that they’re getting the same exact content twice, which could become redundant. They could lose interest, and you could lose their business. It’s important that you vary the content you share, even slightly, so that your customers benefit from being a part of both networks.

2. Different networks expect different things. The etiquette on Facebook is completely different than the etiquette on Twitter. While Facebook is personal and familiar, Twitter is more informal and fast-paced. People expect to see lots of tweets in a day, while they may only want to see one or two Facebook posts. You need to adapt your content to meet the needs of each network.

3. You need to adhere to lingo and format requirements. Because of the 140-character requirement on Twitter, users use more abbreviations than on Facebook and are also prone to use things like hashtags (#) and mentions (@). Facebook posts, on the other hand, are usually lengthier and intended to provide more information. If your short concise tweets are posted on Facebook, your fans might get frustrated with the lack of information and the specific lingo.

So what should you do? This doesn’t mean you need to spend an exorbitant amount of time differentiating your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can still post similar content, just adapted for each network. By doing so, you’ll have a strong social media presence, and your customers will enjoy being a part of both networks.

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