Why Use Twitter?

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Why do people use Twitter?
And, more importantly…
How does Twitter help with marketing?

There are a lot of people who don’t understand the uses and advantages of using Twitter, and therefore, they argue with the fact that Twitter really does help in marketing products and spreading the word on brands. Nay-sayers think Twitter is a way to pretend you’re “friends” with celebrities, or to post every detail of your day. It’s not!

Twitter is social networking at its finest. You choose who you follow and who is allowed to follow you. You can re-tweet (RT)  important information, and create lists to narrow your results — among other things.

But why do people use Twitter? Does it make them feel like they’re important, like they have more friends, or is there something more to it?Twitter, in one of its most beneficial advantages, provides you with a live, up-to-date news feed, providing you with the news before many news outlets can. You can search for trends in tweets and reply to other users almost immediately after they post.

Twitter also gives you feedback from customers, consumers, and followers. Mentions of your username (e.g. @QuinlanCompany), are traced back to you so you can review what others are saying about you. This shows you how your brand or company is being received, and can help you change or improve on certain areas if need be.

Twitter helps you reach out to a wider audience, and lets you connect with them on a personal level. Twitter helps promote events and products, getting your word out to the world. It is also a way to share ideas casually all the while connecting to your audience and building relationships with them.

Twitter also helps with search engine rankings. Twitter gives you the ability to share direct links to your sites with millions of users, and the opportunity for those users to RT your link to others. Your search engine rankings will improve the more you use key words, post links, and mention your brand. Frequency is key! Post often and regularly with relevant information to your audience and you will see results.

Don’t have anything to Tweet about? You don’t need to! Let the news and topics come to you. Create a custom news feed. Check your lists. Ask questions. Twitter is custom-made just for you. Give it a chance, and you’ll understand the appeal.

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