What would you do if you won the 1.5 billion Powerball lot?

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Today — Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 — is a day of optimism for millions as they hurry to their closest convenient store to purchase a Powerball lottery tickets for tonight’s drawing.

The bar is set high- The Powerball lottery has a striking $1.5 billion jackpot up for grabs.

Yes, that’s


With the recent news of (smaller) winning tickets sold in Amherst and Fredonia, it’s no surprise that some of our Western New York neighbors are feeling lucky. Social media is continuing to explode with hopes and dreams of many as they purchase their tickets before the big drawing tonight at 10:59 pm.  In fact,  many people have a strategic plan in hopes they hold the winning ticket to becoming a billionaire.

I conducted a short interview and asked my fellow Quinlanites what they would do if they were the Powerball winner.

So, what would you do if you won 1.5 billion dollars from the NY lottery?

Drew Celestino, Senior Web Developer: “Pay off all of my debts. Pay off all of my family and friend’s debts. Donate to as many animal rescues as I can.  Travel the world.  And probably buy a few guitars. Or maybe a guitar company. Because why not?”

Kathy King, Traffic Coordinator:  ” 1. Buy myself a really nice designer outfit for my press conference – and not from the Outlet Mall! 2. Hire Sarah & Grace to handle my PR needs.”

Katie Mohr, Account Manager:  “Pay off my student loans, pay off my friends’ and family’s student loans and mortgages, build the house of my dreams, travel the world, donate to charities and invest.”

Kristin Sullivan, Inbound Marketing Strategist:  “Save all of the abandoned/mistreated puppies of the world, donate a big chunk to Breast Cancer Research, the American Heart Association or other charitable organization and buy 1,000 acres for my family and hunker down in a massive log cabin out west.”


Frank Conjerti, Creative Director: “I would buy a Super Bowl ad of just me complaining about things like why the aisles are at super markets are too small.”

Josh Gumulak, Media Coordinator: “Definitely an island! Or bring an NBA team to Buffalo. Or both? Who knows!”

Greg Croniser, Director of IT: “I would use the money to lobby making the lottery illegal as it it just a tax on the poor disguised as a fund raiser for school systems.”

Sue Serba, Accounting: “If I won the lottery I would first pay off my kids student loans, I would pay off any debt that we had, I would share some of the money with family, go on a great extended family vacation all expense paid by our lottery winnings, put money aside to pay for all our grand-children’s college and retire somewhere down south in a beautiful house big enough for family to come and stay with us.”

Sean McIntyre, Controller: “I would take everyone on a long cruise, all expenses paid from New York City, over to Spain, back down through the Panama Canal, heading up to Alaska and ending in Australia.  You guys can find your own way home, I’m buying a penthouse in Sydney!”


Dan Bartlo, Executive Vice President:  I’d buy an MLB franchise.
Specifically, the Baltimore Orioles (my team for all my life). Forbes values them at about a billion dollars, so I could make it work (maybe with another investor or two) and hopefully still have a little left over for a rainy day. By buying the team, I could call the shots, have a voice in MLB policy decisions (like making the DH permanent in both leagues), still be able to dabble in my other passions – like marketing and advertising, negotiating and statistical analysis – when I wanted to, meet famous people, and always be able to catch a game on a warm summer night with a beer and a hot dog in my hand. Plus, it’s a good investment – in ten years, I’d probably double my money (the current ownership group has made 4x their initial investment in just over 20 years). If the Baltimore Orioles’ owner wouldn’t sell, I buy a down-on-its-luck MLB franchise and move it to Buffalo once global warming, gentrification and Terry Pegula have reversed 100 years of defeats and declines and put the Queen City back on the map. It could work, right?”

Krista Roberts, Creative Accounts Manager: “After paying off all my lovely debt and student loans I’d build a two story log cabin on my families land on Cranberry Lake in the Adirondacks- give each family their own room. Bringing my family together!”

Grace Gerass, Digital Content Coordinator: “First I’d do the basic stuff, like pay off my student loans, do a little investing and take my family on a trip to Italy. But then I’d spend time renting a bunch of apartments in different countries so I could experience other cultures around the world!”


MacLaine Russell, VFX Supervisor:   “I would have a left-left lane made on all the roads I travel, that only I can drive in, because I wouldn’t want anyone slowing me down in my new Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.”

Ben Kirst, Content Marketing Director: “My new job would be figuring out how to give away $1,4 billion. No one needs that much money. The rest, I’m sure my wife would think of something. I think we’re out of peanut butter.”

Jessica Chapman, Account Director: “I would spend money to completely change the bus public transportation system at least for one week. Heated bus stops, free snacks and champagne on the buses, comfy pillows and DJs! There’s so many hard-working people that take the bus everyday and it’s gotta be rough on those cold winter mornings. I would also take all of my family and friends on a long world travel excursion, seeing Italy and Spain while travelling on my luxury yacht would be ideal. I would buy a vacation home somewhere tropical and a private plane to take me there on a whim and give to charities and underprivileged communities across the world as well as create a dachshund puppy palace for my dog, Buttons, where his dachsie friends could all come play.”

Jillian Minderler, Graphic Designer: ” I would pay off all debt, have college funds and accounts set aside for my kids, do the remodels to our house that we dream of, do a year of travel with my husband around the world, do a year of “learning” travel with our kids, learn to rock climb but with style – we would travel to places to learn and buy small land in another country and create a yoga retreat.”


What are your plans if you win Powerball?

Let us know what your dreams are if you win the big jackpot & tweet us @QuinlanCompany.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Good luck, everyone!





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