Hard-hitting debate: UberBowl tackles Super Bowl ads

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This event was cancelled! Please contact the Advertising Club of Buffalo for refund or rescheduling info.

Eager to watch the 2015 Super Bowl ads? Anxiously awaiting the chance to talk some smack? Well, you’re in the right city. Get off Twitter and make plans to attend the Advertising Club of Buffalo’s sixth annual UberBowl event on Monday, Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. at Cobblestone Bar and Restaurant (130 South Park Ave., Buffalo).

How UberBowl works

UberBowl originated in 2009 as a panel of advertising experts given an opportunity to express their strongest opinions on the Super Bowl ads while sharing their own tips and pointers on the creative process.

This current version of UberBowl will star our very own creative director Frank Conjerti, who, in a change of pace from years past, will boot out the panel and serve as co-host for the event along with Advertising Club of Buffalo President Scott Bartels. frank and Scott will lead a town hall-style forum in which audience members will critique, debate and discuss the $150,000-per-second ads that aired in the previous day’s Super Bowl.

Bring your A-game.

At UberBowl, the star panelist is YOU. Your hottest takes are required.

There will never be another Bartlo.

There will not be an UberBowl winner as there has been in years past, meaning Quinlan’s own executive vice president ┬áDan Bartlo will hold the 2014 UberBowl championship trophy for the foreseeable future. Dan — one of four panelists who debated the ads in UberBowl V — was named top dog of the debate and will keep the trophy perched in his office for one more year.

Dan Bartlo of Quinlan and Company with UberBowl Trophy

Each year the Super Bowl entices the public to not only watch the biggest football game of the year, but also to engage in their ads. This year, companies are releasing their million dollar advertisements days before the big game in hopes to increase the anticipation for viewers everywhere. Which makes UberBowl, the perfect event to attend so we can “open our mouths” and discuss what we truly think.

Don’t miss the intense UberBowl VI! Check out the Advertising Club of Buffalo and register for the UberBowl VI. We hope to see you there!

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