The Life of an Intern #2

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An “intern-view” with Brittany Davies, one of Quinlan’s four new interns.

What school do you go to and what year are you?

I go to St. Bonaventure University. I’m a senior/grad student.

What is your major and what made you pursue that path?

I am a journalism/mass communication major and integrated marketing communications major. I initially chose the JMC path because I love magazines and commercials. I’m kind of weird. As for IMC, I chose that path because I didn’t want to graduate college in a year not really knowing where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do.

How did you find out about Quinlan & Company?

I found out about Quinlan through Sammi Griffith. We grew up in the same town.

What department are you interning with and who is your Boss?

I am interning with the creative/social media department. Sammi is my boss (copywriter/social media strategist).

What is your favorite experience so far?

This experience as a whole is my favorite. I love the people, the atmosphere, everything. It isn’t intimidating like some places are. It’s very fun and friendly.

What made you interested in the agency setting?

What made me really interested in the agency setting was my American Advertising Federation class.  I was in the creative department for that as well. It definitely confirmed my questions of whether or not I wanted to pursue a career in advertising.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

I think the most important thing that I’ve learned so far is that you have to find something you are passionate about. Once you do find that thing, don’t let go of it! And that hard work pays off!

What do you hope to learn in the future while working at Quinlan?

While working at Quinlan I want to learn how to be confident in the things I produce AND how the agency works day-to-day. 

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