Surviving in the Social World

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Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Advertising Club of Buffalo’s AdLab event on social media.

The event was a panel discussion featuring some of Buffalo’s best in the social media world: Liz Chatterton of Kegworks, Kevin Evanetski of Social Yeah, Karen Fashano of, and Ben Kirst of

The panelists spoke on their experiences with social media from brand personality and strategy to measuring ROI and analyzing success of social media campaigns.

Here are a few key take-aways from the event:

Your brand personality should shine through in everything you do. Especially in social media, it’s important to connect with your customers and audience on a personal level. Partake in light conversation, and put a face behind a message whenever possible. Engagement and building relationships should be the main priority, not ROI.

It’s important to have a team you can rely on. Social media, if done correctly, can generate a lot of discussion – so much that it may be overwhelming for one person to handle. Taking a team approach can help in generating more interesting content and connecting with your current audience more efficiently.

Test your social strategy. Put together a cohesive plan for your social campaigns and stick to it as much as possible. Test your efforts on a monthly basis (or whenever you feel is fitting) and gauge whether or not what you’re doing is actually working. If it is, keep it up! If not, revise and try again. Determine your measurements of success and see where traffic is coming from, what content works best, and when your audience is interacting.

“It’s a fight for the news feed.” Take the time to develop original content. Don’t say something simple if you can provide something great! If people aren’t liking or commenting, it’s a waste of time. Spend the time to craft your messages for the platform you’re using. For Facebook, focus on multimedia. For Twitter, use clever copy. People won’t click unless you give them a good reason to!

Look to the future of social media with an open mind. But don’t stretch yourself too thin. Don’t join the “latest and greatest” social media site without specific goals in place. Remember that just because it works for others doesn’t mean it’s right for you! Do your research and make a plan before jumping in.

With all the information shared at the event, if I had to choose one major point that I took away from the AdLab, it would be this: “All social media is, is a bunch of people wearing your t-shirt.” Your audience should be proud to have your logo on their chest. Give them a reason to continue wearing it day after day, make them want to share it with their friends, and make them feel appreciated for doing so.

Thanks to the Advertising Club of Buffalo and the panelists for providing such a great discussion. The next AdLab event takes place at Templeton Landing on July 17th, featuring a discussion on Sports & Entertainment Marketing.


Do you have questions on your social media strategies? If you need help getting started or want to see if social media is right for you and your business, contact us!


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