The Story Behind the 2015 Quinlan Show Reel

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Quinlan’s 2015 show reel consists of recent work we’ve done for clients like Apple Rubber, Trocaire College, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, Northwest Bank, Premiere Consulting Associates, among others. Creative Director Frank Conjerti and his development team work closely with our staff writers to create original scripts, mesh live action with custom animation and tell the stories our clients want to share. The new show reel captures the colorful storytelling ability that defines our best work.

“Our show reel represents our past success but also our capabilities for the future.” Frank, says.  “It shows a conceptual theme of examples we can present to the public about who we are.”

Sharpening the show reel

Frank spent a significant amount of time honing this year’s show reel because, he explains, he wanted the work to pop off the screen both visually and audibly. “The most time consuming piece of this project was editing,” he says. “Each still needed to match the music to keep it smooth, which can take time.” Our work and quality has improved and increased dramatically, and we wanted to use industry-leading editing techniques to achieve something greater.”

Check out the animation in the new show reel—that’s the work of MacLaine Russell, Quinlan’s VFX producer. MacLaine partnered with Cinema 4D Studio to achieve the precise, eye-catching animations showcased in the reel.

What are Quinlan’s video design goals for 2015? “To win the Addy award!” Frank laughs. “We have already won a Manny award and our next goal is to win an Addy award in years to come. Of course, our ultimate goal is to bring in potential clients and show our existing clients that we are capable of doing more for them.”

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