StartUp Grind: Entrepreneurs of Buffalo, Unite!

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With the growing number of millennials in Buffalo, NY, along with evolving local businesses, it’s no secret that now is a thriving time for social influencers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dig (Designed Innovative Garage) Buffalo, a collaborative space for innovators and entrepreneurs, is known for hosting events targeting thought leaders and creative thinkers. Among these is StartUp Grind — a series of networking events constructed to inspire, educate and lead ambitious entrepreneurs around the world.

Curious as to how they operate? Let’s find out more.

Who is Startup Grind?

StartUp Grind is a global startup community founded in Palo Alto, California. Powered by Google Entrepreneurs, the organization focuses on educating and connecting with aspiring entrepreneurs and has various chapters around the world.

What do they do?

StartUp Grind combines working entrepreneurs and educators with those working to prosper themselves with tips, ideas and encouragement. Looking to build a business as an artist? Perhaps you dream of opening your own restaurant someday. No matter the concept, StartUp Grind is the event you want to attend.

Between monthly fireside chats, startup mixers and annual conferences, StartUp Grind provides ample opportunities to fuel innovation, connect with a strong support network, and form meaningful connections.

Where can I find StartUp Grind?

Today, StartUp Grind has chapters in cities across the globe, and Buffalo is one of them. Buffalo’s StartUp Grind chapter has various events scheduled for 2015 which are all located at Dig Buffalo.

Be sure to check out the Content Savvy event at Dig Buffalo Wednesday, January 28th from 6pm-9pm. For more details about joining a local chapter and learning about future events, visit StandUp Grind and Dig Buffalo.

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