Six tips for creating highly shareable content

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Creating more engaging content was B2B marketers’ top initiative for 2014. The first ingredient is to write a good story, and write it well. People aren’t going to share content that is boring or poorly written.

Once you’ve got that down, take a look at these six tips:

6 tips for shareable content
shareable content

1.) Add visuals. According to Forbes, blogs with images receive 94 percent more views than blogs without images. This makes sense, since 86 percent of buyers express some level of desire to access interactive or visual content.

How can you incorporate visuals? Photos are a safe bet — assuming you are using your own photography, appropriately licensed photography or license-free photography — but you can also creatively add videos, charts, graphs, screenshots and infographics (see #4.)

Social media updates containing images get far more likes, retweets and shares than those without. Hubspot found that Tweets with images receive 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites and 150 percent more retweets than those without.


2.) Write descriptive headlines. While eight out of 10 people will read headline copy, only two out of 10 actually read the rest. That can be a pretty intimidating statistic. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your headlines, consider Quick Sprout’s four u’s:

● Your headline should be unique
● Your headline should be ultra-specific
● Your headline should convey a sense of urgency
● Your headline should be useful

Using these guidelines will get you results. Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics, found that descriptive headlines generate 29.1 percent more social shares over vague headlines. They also perform better long term and receive 65.2 percent more traffic overall.

3.) Back up your claims with data. Trust plays a major role in sharing content. Using statistics from credible sources will show that you did your research and that you can add an authoritative voice to the conversation.

By analyzing all of his blog posts, Patel found that blog posts containing stats and data received 149 percent more social shares and 283 percent more backlinks.

Try working stats into charts, graphs and infographics — this will add a colorful, creative and shareable visual element to your content mix.


4.) Use lists and infographics. The average attention span is only eight seconds. By including lists and/or infographics, you’ll be giving the reader an exact idea of what to expect in a skim-friendly, easy-to-read format that will quickly grab their attention.

“These type of posts and articles are perfect for building your authority and demonstrating a mastery of your area of expertise,” says Coppyblogger Founder and CEO Brian Clark, about lists. “If you’re business blogging, that’s key.”

5.) Incorporate thought leaders. According to Patel, having just one influential person sharing your content results in 31.8 percent more social shares.

“Before proactively engaging with influencers, first you have to find them,” says Hootsuite writer Kristina Cisnero. “Some influencer metrics to consider are: number of followers, Klout score and search engine ranking.”

People love to share things they are involved in.  By including influencer quotes, opinions or feedback in your content, these thought leaders will be much more likely to share your content in their social outlets. Just try not to be over-the-top in your flattery — sincerity goes a long way, too.

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6.) Repromote old content. On all social networks, the number of content shares drop at least 96 percent after three days.

To combat this, repromote your old content at least one week after its been published– just make sure what you are creating is evergreen. If it isn’t, find timely events such as holidays and conferences that will make for an appropriate tie-in.

“If there is a new development or new advice you can share on a topic you’ve written about in the post,” says Pamela Vaughan, Hubspot contributor, ”take the old post, make some adjustments and additions, and publish it as new.”

What tips do you have for creating engaging content? Tweet us at @QuinlanCompany.


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