Quinlan’s 24th Anniversary Video

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Behind the Scenes with our Interactive Developer, Frank Conjerti

To celebrate our 24th anniversary at Quinlan & Company, we had an idea that went far beyond the traditional self-promoting e-card.

To achieve this, we decided to create an engaging and exciting video e-blast involving some of Buffalo‘s most recognizable landmarks…with a twist. We would place our clients’ logos in unexpected places that would be sure to take them by surprise!

From the eyes of a tourist – Different members of our team took turns visiting downtown and other areas of our favorite city. Easy, right? Then the hard part came.  After pouring over the footage of the landmarks, it was time to push our technology to the limit.

Thankful for powerful tools – To track the footage, we used Mocha for AE. Mocha is a 3D planar tracking utility that works seamlessly with Adobe After Effects to track not only an objects position, but its scaling, rotation, and movement on a 3D plane, even if the object is partially cut from the scene.

Many of these scenes were a challenge to track due to the shaky shots and the angles of the buildings. It was even more difficult to track the shots taken from a moving vehicle. With Mocha and a lot of patience, we were able to track every scene with near perfection.

Amazing Technology – The next step into our 24th Anniversary video was to use the tracking data from Mocha and implement it into After Effects. After years of working in AE, I am still amazed at the new tools I learn from exploring and just “playing around” inside the program. From compositing and color correction, to rotoscoping and particles, this project was filled to the brim with After Effects.

Almost there – After editing the footage to music, we added some introductory titles using Trapcode Particular to create some cloud-like text reveals. Once the initial video was cut, we began to insert the logos.

Finishing Touches – Once the logo was in place for many of the scenes, it was simply left to effects and a few other “tricks” to match the logos to the footage as closely as possible.  For a few other scenes, a more dimensional or electronic look was needed. These were definitely the most fun shots we had to work with using tools like CC Ball Action, DigiEffects FreeForm and Blender.

We were very happy with the final product, which showcased some new tools in the Quinlan arsenal.  Take a look at the finished video and let us know what you think!

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