Are you ready for Mobilegeddon? The Top 3 Things to Know About 4/21

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On Tuesday, April 21 — a week from today — businesses across the Internet face what’s being called Mobilegeddon: the official change of Google’s mobile search algorithm.

The main focus of this update: mobile-friendliness will become a key factor in organic mobile search results. If your website doesn’t fit Google’s criteria of mobile-friendliness, it will likely be penalized. Failure to act now could have catastrophic results for the mobile visibility of your website.

What does this mean?

Google defines “mobile-friendliness” as a website that is well-designed for mobile devices. You can find full details on Google’s Webmaster Central blog.


After 4/21, websites that are not mobile-friendly may experience a significant decrease in organic search traffic.

Is this bad?

Yes! According to comScore, mobile web and mobile app usage account for 60 percent of all digital media consumption in the U.S. Google Think Insights reports that 48 percent of mobile research begins with search.

What can I do?

There are three things to remember:

1. You can’t be kinda mobile-friendly. Google’s mobile-friendliness is a pass/fail test. A number of factors make up your grade, but ultimately your website is judged to be mobile-friendly or not.

2. You can test your mobile-friendliness. Do a Google search for your company in any desktop or mobile device. A small, light-gray “Mobile-friendly” label will appear below the URL if you have a passing grade. Google also provides a mobile-friendliness tool that allows you to test any URL.

3. There is hope! Google provides a wealth of resources to help businesses get mobile-friendly by 4/21.

The most important issues include:

  • Size of type. Yoast notes that Google recommends using a base font size of 16 px.
  • Spacing between touch buttons. Make sure your tap targets are at least 48 px.
  • Outdated media (such as Flash). Remember: mobile design is not the same as desktop design.


Once addressed, your site will deliver a better user experience, get the Google seal of approval and — most importantly — more effectively convert mobile customers.

Still unsure?

Our digital experts are ready to answer any questions about making your website mobile-friendly for 4/21.

Be prepared for Mobilegeddon.
Contact us today with any questions and we can help

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