Maximizing Your Personal Brand

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The Internet has made sharing your professional portfolio easier than ever. Email allows you to attach your physical resumes as documents and send them to businesses quickly and efficiently. LinkedIn allows you to transform your resume into a digital profile so you can easily connect with others in your field.

Now, websites and applications allow you to create a visual website to represent your personal and professional work and share it with the world. The web is becoming more visual, and websites like,, and are working to replace text-based resumes with visual online portfolios.

Portfolios on these sites include all the typical things you’d see on a resume, like experience and education, but also include things you normally don’t see, like hobbies and personal interests.

These portfolios not only help you promote your company’s brand, but also give you the opportunity to promote your own personal brand. They offer you a chance to advertise yourself in a unique and interesting way.

Online portfolios allow you to show off your company and yourself by including images of your previous work, screenshots of web design, scans of press releases in the news, and more.

So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your own portfolio and another way to promote your brand, why not create a visual online portfolio that complements your text-based one? You’ll show that you are technologically savvy and creative, while marketing your name, your company’s name, and your personal brand.

For an example of an online portfolio, check out the page our intern, Maria Materise, created.

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