How to Spot a Social Media Poser


3 thoughts on “How to Spot a Social Media Poser”

  1. Good points all. The “real relationships” is the hardest thing to achieve and also to recognize, but it’s the goal for every SM effort.

    1. I completely agree. I felt the need to write that post because I’ve come across some organizations saying one thing but providing another. Simply setting up random accounts does not a social marketing strategy make.


  2. Kelly,

    I found your article from a link posted by Jeff Kershner and am glad I followed it. Your perspective in the beginning is very closely aligned with what i have personally advised to many of my clients and readers. The 5 points of advice you provide the reader is well worth the time and effort each would take to complete and will become guidance that I reference to people who ask me about social media marketing in the automotive vertical.

    Thanks for the high value post!

    Ralph Paglia

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